Insights - December 2018

  • New approach to safeguarding goes to places where young people are at risk

    Posted on Sunday, December 9, 2018No comments

    Every community wants to find effective ways to protect children and young people from the risks that they face when they are not at home. Shopping centres and parks, takeaways and street corners, the school playground and the classroom: these are the places where young people are spending time with their peers. These spaces are also outside the control of their families. Young people are ...

  • Can commercialisation bring about a new era for local government?

    Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018No comments

    The commercialisation of services in local government is not a novel endeavour. Local authorities have been seeking to maximise revenue from existing income sources for some time. However, local authorities are now challenging themselves to deliver commercialisation on a scale of which they have never done before and that could bring about a new and transformative chapter for the sector. Over the ...