Maximising Independent Living for Residents

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Client: London Borough of Waltham Forest

Outcome: An Integrated Hospital Discharge Action Plan with a quick turnaround impact on the improvement of hospital admission rates



The London Borough of Waltham Forest has been working with key partners and stakeholders across the borough, including the CCG, to reduce their hospital admission rates and build effective discharge pathways with the end goal being that they can maximise the ability of their residents to live independent lives. They had a requirement to shape and mobilise a programme of work to deliver the outcome as well as manage their DTOC action plan through to completion.

The Adult Social Care Service did not have the capacity to undertake these tasks and due to the time limited nature of the work required, it was beneficial for an external provider with care and health integration expertise to shape a longer term programme of work which focused on their DTOC action plan.


Cross system approach

Venn Group Consultancy identified an established and specialist care and health integration consultant from our community of professionals in the market to deliver this product as the Project Lead. Due to Venn Group Consultancy’s longstanding presence within the sector, we understood the importance of this work and ensured the delivery plan complimented the way in which LBWF operate on the ground.

Upon receiving the project brief, we demonstrated the expertise of the Consultant and proposed a meeting between them and LBWF to discuss how they planned to successfully deliver an integrated, cross-system approach to hospital discharge, using clear aims and methodologies within a proposed timeline and to a fixed cost upon agreed milestones being met.

Venn Group Consultancy was awarded the work directly following the meeting and from the start of the partnership between us and the Council, there was a commitment to joint working.


Holistic pathways

The desire for an integrated and cross-system approach to hospital discharge in the borough reflected the need for a consultative, partnership based methodology that sought to pull together the efforts of both the council and the CCG. This included managing all tasks within the DTOC action plan, and designing and managing three work streams covering policy, process and governance improvement, community discharge pathways, commissioning and market management which would contribute to the programme’s efficiency.

The objective was to move away from delayed discharge to an integrated team and through strong partnership working, Venn Group Consultancy and the Project Lead were able to ensure that the council’s DTOC strategy was fit for purpose and ultimately achieved a reduction in hospital admission rates. The Project Lead revised and managed the existing DTOC strategy whilst shaping and mobilising a programme of work which would support and ensure the delivery of the desired outcome.

The core themes of the plan were to put an emphasis on prevention, focus system-wide activity on maximising the ability of the council’s residents to live independent lives and therefore reduce admission rates and build effective discharge pathways.


Transparent delivery

In order to thoroughly track the project’s progress throughout Phase 1 and 2, a bi-weekly reporting framework was put in place, maintaining transparent communications on progress throughout the project life.

Throughout the project, our Project Lead remained visible and present within the department and whilst they took the initiative to navigate the department and systems, the lines of communication were clear and open at all times to ensure the client was sighted on progress and any risks were successfully managed so that input could be provided at any stage.

In addition to the successful delivery of the product, Venn Group Consultancy’s consistent engagement in the life of the project and the formal measures we implemented to support our Project Lead and track performance was embraced by all parties.

The final product was completed to agreed timescales and costs with wide spread satisfaction and positive engagement from the client on the quick turnaround of impact on improved hospital admission rates and stakeholder relationships with health.