Reducing Homelessness in the City

Friday, September 7, 2018

Client: City of London Corporation

Outcome: A full review of the service delivery and functionality of the homelessness service, presenting recommendations inline with the Homelessness Reduction Act 2018 



The Homelessness Reduction Act 2018 created a need for the City of London Corporation to review the service and functionality of the Homelessness Department.

The project brief was to provide recommendations to the council on the best way to facilitate the new legislative requirements. This was to include the production of a new Target Operating Model for the service, the procurement and integration of a new IT system, the gathering and analysis of data on vulnerable people and the definition of the customer journey. 


How the work was delivered


A full review of the council’s homelessness service was undertaken and the department was remapped in line with new legislation. This included:

  1. evaluating internal capacity and capability including any training needs and requirements

  2. establishing how best to serve residents effectively

  3. ensuring that the service remained fit-for-purpose


Data identification and collection

Data was collated and interrogated specifically in regard to vulnerable people and analysed in relation to the new legislation. The customer journey was tracked from initial contact to on-going care.


A bi-weekly highlight report was jointly produced to ensure the project remained on time and in scope. This report included on going departmental and stake holder feedback.


Key Outcome

  • A new Target operating Model was created and validated
  • A new IT system was procured and integrated
  • New specialist roles were created within the department to increase capacity and delivery
  • Current departmental roles were altered and responsibilities redefined
  • Training needs analysis was assessed and courses delivered in line with the new Departmental strategy


David Harney



“This project at the City of London Corporation is an example of when internal resource was unable to deliver statutory obligations. By partnering with a subject matter expert we were able to deliver an outcome that enabled the department to continue to deal effectively with the challenge of homelessness in their council.”

David Harney – Executive Consultant, Venn Group Consultancy