Streamlining Services for the Council

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Client: City of London Corporation

Outcome: Created a new Target Operating Model (TOM) to efficiently unify City Occupier’s Database and the new CRM Database.



City of London Corporation had procured a new CRM system and were in the process of implementation. The Council had a CRM Database team and the City Occupier’s Database team; realising that both were performing two separate functions around the CRM system with duplication of efforts, City of London Corporation wanted to review the teams’ outputs and create a new Target Operating Model (TOM) for the service.

The City of London Corporation did not have the specialist knowledge or skills in-house to undertake these tasks. Due to the time-limited nature of the work, it was beneficial for the Council to partner with Venn Group Consultancy to supply a work package solution. This included the design of a new Target Operating Model, with a focus on collaborative working and a refined resource result.


CRM system expertise

Venn Group Consultancy responded promptly to the bid and were quickly able to identify an established and specialist CRM Project Specialist owing to extensive market knowledge, along with historic success in supplying Consultants specialising in CRM implementations within the Local Government market.

Venn Group’s collaborative and flexible model was evident in the bid proposal and helped shape a robust statement of work in order to deliver an outcome-focussed project to an ambitious deadline.

We were successfully awarded the work and were able to work collaboratively with the City of London Corporation to successfully deliver the new TOM without slippage or delay.


Efficient TOM realisation

The project comprised of two key elements; the initial review and assessing the status quo of the current state of the two teams.

The Consultant identified areas of improvement and key parts that could be automated in light of the new CRM system. This then required significant requirements gathering of the service and an analysis of the main business drivers for change.

The consultant looked at what benefits, financial and non-financial, could be realised with the new Target Operating Model (TOM) for the service.

An options appraisal was successfully compiled and then appropriately finalised and prepared in time for the committee, which subsequently passed.

The recommendations were then properly handed over by our project lead, and the City of London Corporation’s internal HR and OD teams took the lead on implementation.

The client received a tailored and concise work package which ensured a reliable delivery with a fixed cost.

Following this work, the City of London Corporation proceeded to engage Venn Group Consultancy on three additional work packages with discrete work due to the prior successes of our delivery.