Upgrading Council Infrastructue to a Cloud based solution

Friday, September 14, 2018

Client: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Outcome: Upgraded the council’s digital infrastructure to a Cloud based solution to provide flexibility and mobility for staff.



LBHF initiated a programme to upgrade their infrastructure to a cloud solution to provide flexibility and mobility for staff. The project had to ensure continuity and expertise in the remote delivery and support of the Desktop Design including a pilot and Support Model.


Aligning delivery to crucial deadlines

A Technical Architect led the design and implementation of the entire project. The tasks and deliverables were aligned to aggressive deadlines and detailed components and items that would be assured, reviewed, and delivered as part of the process.


Implementing cloud solutions

Working with internal departments and specific external stakeholders the existing infrastructure was reviewed, an IT road map produced and conduct requirements assessed. Risks, dependencies and assumptions were tracked and addressed.

The implementation of cloud solutions, which included IaaS, SaaS and virtualisation of windows desktop platform was then completed.


Leading delivery with flexibility

In order to accommodate the demand on this project, our consultant worked remotely on a flexible basis. They created and adapted the TDA (technical design authority) process and led all the technical discussions on all technical deliverables as a single point of contact.



Our consultant successfully implemented and migrated systems (servers and apps) to IaaS and SaaS platforms. They designed BI (business intelligence) infrastructure and provisioned Microsoft Power BI whilst enhancing Office 365 adaption.

The estimated cost savings for the entire project was over £2,000,000.




“This migration project at Hammersmith & Fulham is an important example of us successfully upgrading infrastructure and moving a local authority to cloud solutions within a finite timeline. We were able to deliver an outcome that has enabled our client to work more effectively in their delivery of services, whilst realising projected savings.”

Karima Dakhama – Manager, Venn Group Consultancy