Healthy Weight Plan

Thursday, May 31, 2018

How did a council deliver products with no capacity?


Project Life: 6 months

Value: £54,868

Product: Healthy Weight Plan

Framework: Bloom

The London Borough of Newham’s Public Health service is responsible for promoting and protecting the health and wellbeing of people who live in the borough. They work with key partners and stakeholders across Newham including residents, NHS and LBN. They had a requirement to complete some key pieces of work linked to the wider Public Health Strategy and needed to engage external expertise to deliver several products.

The Public Health Service did not have the capacity to undertake these tasks and due to the time limited nature of the work required, it was beneficial for an external provider to complete the tasks including producing a healthy weight plan, with a focus on activity, exercise and sport.


Engaging our network of specialists


Venn Group Consultancy identified an established and specialist Public Health Project Lead from our extensive network of professionals in the market to deliver this product. Due to Venn Group’s longstanding presence within the sector, we understood the importance of cultural fit and ensured the delivery plan complimented the way in which LBN operate on the ground.

Our collaborative bid proposing our delivery offer, demonstrated the expertise of the Consultant as well as clear aims and methodologies to successfully produce a healthy weight plan within a proposed timeline and to a fixed cost upon agreed milestones being met.

Venn Group Consultancy was successfully awarded the work and from the start of the partnership between us and the Council, there was a commitment to joint working

Immediately following award, we arranged a meeting between LBN and our Project Lead to refine the delivery plan before proceeding, to link in with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure all relevant parties were ready to engage.


Sustainability at heart

The healthy weight plan reflected the need for a genuine partnership approach that sought to pull together the collective strength of current efforts within the council, avoid duplication, identify areas for further support and development, and identify and mitigate weaknesses in the current provision. 

The objective was to enable the plan to lift its head to search for learning and best practice from elsewhere; deploying the support and input from experts that Venn Group Consultancy and our Public Health Project Lead could draw upon to better serve the council.

Accounting for the nature and breadth of the plan, the aim was to incorporate a mix of ambitious whole system actions requiring broad consensus and coordinated actions, to bottom up solutions that would resonate in the most disadvantaged communities in Newham. 

The core themes of the plan were to put an emphasis on prevention, address health inequalities, coordinate and enhance the existing efforts and partners, and co-produce with sustainability at heart.


Getting the right results

In order to thoroughly track the project’s progress throughout, a bi-weekly highlight report was jointly produced by the Project Lead and Venn Group, which was then presented to the client for approval to maintain transparent communications on progress. 

Throughout the project, our Project Lead was very present within the department and whilst they took the initiative to navigate the department and systems, the lines of communication were clear and open at all times to ensure the client was sighted on progress and any risks were successfully managed so that input could be provided at any stage. 

In addition to the successful delivery of the products, Venn Group’s consistent engagement in the life of the project and the formal measures we implemented to support our Project Lead and track performance were embraced by all parties, including the inclusion of one of our Registered Public Health Consultants to sense check the final product.

The final product was completed to agreed timescales and costs with wide spread satisfaction and positive engagement from key stakeholders on its vibrant and user-friendly presentation.