Corporate Social Value

Venn Group Consultancy's focus areas of our social impact are firmly embedded in our purpose. Individuals, communities, the marketplace and environment as a whole are interconnected, and our efforts in each of these areas are supported through our commitments.

Our commitments are in place to ensure that we deliver in our ambition to continue to positively impact society over the next 10 years.     


Environmental Impact

Full Policy Review 

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental management. This includes how we manage and monitor waste, consume less energy, meet prescribed environmental standards, train staff and monitor our own environmental policies.  We will conduct a full review of our Environmental Policy by April 2019 to ensure our future commitments are fixed within it to include conducting an annual review of our energy provider

Recycling Culture

We commit to promoting recycling with our staff through educating employees on environment issues and will use available platforms; our internal intranet, posters, staff training programme, strategically located recycling bins and embedding a recycling culture where seniors within the business lead by example.

We particularly commit to recycling at least 50% packaging waste, and recycling 100% of IT and office equipment.

Best Buying Practice

We are committed to Best Buying Practice, to ensure sustainable and responsible sourcing practices are in place to support our wider environmental commitments to our local communities. We will update our Procurement Policy in line with this objective and review annually.


Marketplace Impact

SME Growth

Our core business is intrinsically linked to the growth of SMEs. We work collaboratively with specialist SMEs to deliver tailored solutions to our clients and our ambition is to continue to support SME development long term and build in greater capacity within our model to effectively deliver this.

Buying Local

When procuring goods and services we will use a marking scheme that awards additional points to suppliers based locally, to ensure that we are supporting businesses within our communities.


Community Impact

Corporate Voluntary Partners

Each year Venn Group Consultancy’s employees identify a charity, local and/or national that our company supports. We hold various fundraising events throughout the year and the amount raised by our employees and clients is then doubled by the company. Venn Group Consultancy's charity for 2019 is Shelter

We are committed to our role as a voluntary partner for Young Women's Trust whereby we provide CV writing support for vulnerable women both locally and nationally. We have helped over 50 women who were previously unemployed find work in the past two years and we are committed to building on this year on year.

Employee Volunteers

We are committed to engaging our staff to use their two days per year voluntary allowance, within our local boroughs and across a broad range of schemes, to invest in the betterment of our communities.

20 staff have committed to giving their time each month to provide writing support for up to two beneficiaries supported by the Young Women's Trust.

Locally we take part in many community schemes, including visiting local schools to run workshops on interview techniques, CV writing and job applications.


Workplace Impact

Employee Health

We are committed to ensuring that all employees are provided with a safe working environment that supports both their physical and mental wellbeing. We have taken key steps in 2018 as part of a wider corporate agenda to encourage improved diet and regular exercise and are invested in enhancing the health of our employees.

We commit to 100% of people with disabilities who are shortlisted for opportunities being offered interviews for internal vacancies and we encourage our clients to do the same.

Employee Skills

We are dedicated to investing in the continual development of our employees to support their careers and wider ambitions. We have therefore committed to spending 0.5% of our wage bill on training each year.